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November 15, 2023

To ensure a smooth experience with the latest version, please make sure the following dependencies are up to date:

docs starter visual inside studio

At NuxtLabs, we've been working on Nuxt UI for several years. Initially an internal library for our SaaS products (Studio and Volta), it evolved into a sustainable solution that we recently decided to open-source.

Nuxt UI Pro is a collection of premium components, an extension of Nuxt UI, designed to facilitate the creation of appealing and responsive Nuxt applications in a matter of minutes.

The Nuxt UI team is dedicated to deliver the best integration and customization experience, while the Studio team is providing full compatibility with Nuxt Studio. This collaborative effort follows a coherent direction, leading to the selection of UI Pro as the foundation of our templates ecosystem.

From Docus to Docs template

We've made the choice to remove Docus from the list of our themes in profit of the UI Pro Docs template as we offer a better maintenance for it in the future.

While Docus remains compatible with Studio, it won't be proposed as our official starter. UI Pro and Studio teams are focusing their efforts on maintaining and ensuring compatibility specifically for the UI Pro starters.

If you want to migrate from Docus to the new Docs template, you can follow our migration guide.

App config schema generation


We've introduced new helpers to assist you in building your app.config.ts schema, facilitating the generation of the corresponding UI interface in the config section.

Refer to this guide for detailed instructions on creating your custom config customizations.

Favorite Projects

project listing interface with favorite selection

You can now set your projects as favorites in order to display them at the top of your project listing.

Other bug fixes and improvements

This release includes several bug fixes and improvements, addressing the following issues:

  • Resolved missing installations during the project import process.
  • Fixed the Sync meta action loading state within the command menu.
  • Rectified tooltip positioning issues.
  • In the self-hosting deployment section, added the ability to copy NUXT_PUBLIC_STUDIO_TOKENS by clicking on it.
  • Introduced a direct search feature in the command menu for groups; typing media will list all related media.
  • Corrected the alert message location issue.
  • Reorganized the order of projects and members in the command menu.
  • Added a desktop responsive breakpoint in the device selection dropdown of the preview.