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December 4, 2023

To ensure a smooth experience with the latest version, please make sure the following dependencies are up to date:

Switch editor side

Move the editor from left to right and vice versa to preview your website the way you want. Easily switch between layouts using the command menu, thanks to the 'Switch to default/reversed Studio layout' action.

Automatic preview comments

User preferences with preview comments toggle

By default, when your project is imported to Nuxt Studio, the option for automatic PR preview comments is enabled. This means that Nuxt Studio will automatically post a message on your PR feed whenever it detects changes to your content pages, providing a direct link for previewing the modifications.

Automatic message is post on github on PR creation

You have the flexibility to deactivate the automatic preview comments initiated by Nuxt Studio. Simply access your project's settings page and disable this functionality as needed.

Collaboration improvements

We've enhanced the collaboration server to ensure improved performance and synchronization when editing your files together. Feel free to reach out on Discord and share your feedback with us.

Other bug fixes and improvements

This release includes several bug fixes and improvements, addressing the following issues:

  • Resolved synchronization issues related to branches/PRs sockets.
  • Fixed preview issues associated with media files containing spaces in their names.
  • Enhanced input focus within the application.
  • Introduced the ability to drag and drop images into the all media gallery area.
  • Rectified live preview inconsistencies with icons in the docs starter.
  • Utilize CMD + / to shortcut to comment out lines in the Monaco editor.
  • Access favorite projects directly from the command menu.
  • Harmonized icons throughout the entire application.