UI Pro integration

Migrate from Docus to UI Pro Docs template.

Why UI Pro?

At NuxtLabs, we've been working on Nuxt UI for several years. Initially an internal library for our SaaS products (Studio and Volta), it evolved into a sustainable solution that we recently decided to open-source.

Nuxt UI Pro is a collection of premium components, an extension of Nuxt UI, designed to facilitate the creation of appealing and responsive Nuxt applications in a matter of minutes.

The Nuxt UI team is dedicated to deliver the best integration and customization experience, while the Studio team is providing full compatibility with Nuxt Studio. This collaborative effort follows a coherent direction, leading to the selection of UI Pro as the foundation of our templates ecosystem.

From Docus to Docs template

We've made the choice to remove Docus from the list of our themes in profit of the UI Pro Docs template as we will provide a better maintenance for it from now on.

The Docs template is a premium template. It requires a UI Pro license for deployment. However you can get started for free in development.

Because nuxt/content is a file based CMS where content files are located in the content folder of your application, the migration process is straightforward.

  1. Clone this template on Studio.
  2. Deploy it using GitHub Pages deployment or the selfhosting section.
  3. Clone your repository on local.
  4. Copy the content folder of your docus project inside the content folder of your new repository. Only keep the index.yml of the new template, it corresponds to the home page.
  5. Run it locally and ensure all components are resolved (some component names might have changed between Docus and UI Pro).
  6. Push your modifications and come back to Studio where changes should be synced within a minute.
  7. Update the index.yml file, corresponding to the home page, to match the content of your old version.
  8. Customize Header, Footer and Toc using the App Config:
  1. Save your modification and enjoy your brand new documentation based on UI Pro.
If you're facing any issue during migration, don't hesitate to contact us on Discord.