Project types

Create a project from a theme or import from GitHub.

multiple ways to create a projectBackground

Start from a Theme

You can browse our themes and select the one that suits your needs.

Our themes are fully configurable and compatible with Studio. We plan to open the possibility to list themes made by the community very soon.

Once you select a theme to create your project, Studio will ask you to create a GitHub repository or create a directory inside an existing repository.

Start by selecting the owner (either you or one of your organizations), then type in your repository name. The owner can be your personal GitHub account or any organization you have access to. Checkout the installation section for more details.

Note that you can't clone a theme in a GitHub organization from your Studio personal account. You can only do it from a team account.

Import from GitHub

You can import your existing repositories from GitHub. The project must implement Content v2 and contain a content folder. You will be asked to point to this content folder during the import wizard.

Based on the installations from your GitHub app, you will be able to import the repositories from your personal GitHub account or from any organizations you have access to.

You can verify the existence of /__studio.json in production to be sure that Studio module is enabled.

Content-Only Projects

This feature allows you to import repositories with only the content/ directory inside, one example is the nuxt/nuxt docs directory.

This is an advanced section related to multi-source feature of Nuxt Content.

More documentation is coming soon for this section.