Save your Changes

Our integration with GitHub lets you save by commiting or making pull-requests.


From draft to commit

Every change you make on the default branch is saved as a draft, stored in Studio, and ready to be commited or moved into a branch, see the draft system section to learn more.

The draft is saved in Studio database, you can have access to your drafts anywhere and on any device. Once you are happy with your changes, hitting the Save button will send your changes to your repository.

Default branch

When clicking on the "Save" button in the default branch, Studio will give your two options:

  • Create a branch and commit the draft to this branch
  • Commit on the default branch
It depends on your CI but in most of the cases, a commit on your default branch will trigger a new deployment. This is how it works when you choose to deploy with Studio and GitHub pages.

New branch

You can create a branch at any time from the command menu.

Currently branch creation is only availble from the default branch.

If you have a draft on your default branch, you can choose to transfer this draft to the new branch by checking the checkbox in the branch creation modal.


On a branch, clicking on the Save button will commit your current draft.

If the branch doesn't have a draft, the Save button will become Merge to create a Pull request or merge the branch into the default branch.


You have the choice to either squash or merge your work into the default branch. If you choose to merge, all the commits from your branch will be added to the default branch via a merge commit. Alternatively, if you choose to squash, the commits from your branch will be combined into one commit on the default branch.

Review before saving

Modal to check current changes before saving

Mainly inspired by GitHub Desktop, you can review all your changes before saving. You can commit directly on your default branch or create a new branch before commiting. You can als customize your commit message when saving on a branch.

Add co-authors to commits


You have the ability to add coauthors to your commit. In the "Save Changes" modal, you can select any member of your team and include them as co-authors to the commit.