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December 4, 2023

To ensure a smooth experience with the latest version, please make sure the following dependencies are up to date:

Switch editor side

Move the editor from left to right and vice versa to preview your website the way you want. Easily switch between layouts using the command menu, thanks to the 'Switch to default/reversed Studio layout' action.

Automatic preview comments

User preferences with preview comments toggle

By default, when your project is imported to Nuxt Studio, the option for automatic PR preview comments is enabled. This means that Nuxt Studio will automatically post a message on your PR feed whenever it detects changes to your content pages, providing a direct link for previewing the modifications.

Automatic message is post on github on PR creation

You have the flexibility to deactivate the automatic preview comments initiated by Nuxt Studio. Simply access your project's settings page and disable this functionality as needed.

Collaboration improvements

We've enhanced the collaboration server to ensure improved performance and synchronization when editing your files together. Feel free to reach out on Discord and share your feedback with us.

Other bug fixes and improvements

This release includes several bug fixes and improvements, addressing the following issues:

  • Resolved synchronization issues related to branches/PRs sockets.
  • Fixed preview issues associated with media files containing spaces in their names.
  • Enhanced input focus within the application.
  • Introduced the ability to drag and drop images into the all media gallery area.
  • Rectified live preview inconsistencies with icons in the docs starter.
  • Utilize CMD + / to shortcut to comment out lines in the Monaco editor.
  • Access favorite projects directly from the command menu.
  • Harmonized icons throughout the entire application.

November 15, 2023

To ensure a smooth experience with the latest version, please make sure the following dependencies are up to date:

docs starter visual inside studio

At NuxtLabs, we've been working on Nuxt UI for several years. Initially an internal library for our SaaS products (Studio and Volta), it evolved into a sustainable solution that we recently decided to open-source.

Nuxt UI Pro is a collection of premium components, an extension of Nuxt UI, designed to facilitate the creation of appealing and responsive Nuxt applications in a matter of minutes.

The Nuxt UI team is dedicated to deliver the best integration and customization experience, while the Studio team is providing full compatibility with Nuxt Studio. This collaborative effort follows a coherent direction, leading to the selection of UI Pro as the foundation of our templates ecosystem.

From Docus to Docs template

We've made the choice to remove Docus from the list of our themes in profit of the UI Pro Docs template as we offer a better maintenance for it in the future.

While Docus remains compatible with Studio, it won't be proposed as our official starter. UI Pro and Studio teams are focusing their efforts on maintaining and ensuring compatibility specifically for the UI Pro starters.

If you want to migrate from Docus to the new Docs template, you can follow our migration guide.

App config schema generation


We've introduced new helpers to assist you in building your app.config.ts schema, facilitating the generation of the corresponding UI interface in the config section.

Refer to this guide for detailed instructions on creating your custom config customizations.

Favorite Projects

project listing interface with favorite selection

You can now set your projects as favorites in order to display them at the top of your project listing.

Other bug fixes and improvements

This release includes several bug fixes and improvements, addressing the following issues:

  • Resolved missing installations during the project import process.
  • Fixed the Sync meta action loading state within the command menu.
  • Rectified tooltip positioning issues.
  • In the self-hosting deployment section, added the ability to copy NUXT_PUBLIC_STUDIO_TOKENS by clicking on it.
  • Introduced a direct search feature in the command menu for groups; typing media will list all related media.
  • Corrected the alert message location issue.
  • Reorganized the order of projects and members in the command menu.
  • Added a desktop responsive breakpoint in the device selection dropdown of the preview.

October 31, 2023

To ensure a smooth experience with the latest version, please make sure the following dependencies are up to date:

Responsive design mode

device screen mode playground

A new dropdown is now accessible in the upper right corner of the preview panel. With this dropdown, you can adjust your screen size, ensuring that your content is responsive and behaves correctly in different screen sizes.

Environment variables for GitHub deployment

GitHub pages deployment section with env variables

In the GitHub deployment panel, you now have the capacity to add environment variables as secrets. These secrets help you manage reusable configuration data. They are created directly within your GitHub repository secrets. Our GitHub Pages configuration file is automatically updated to incorporate these variables, making them accessible in your source code after the deployment process.

A new permission for the GitHub App will be requested concerning secrets. It allow secrets creation on your behalf.

Managing array and object types in configuration UI

object and array types in app config UI

Now, you have the option to incorporate Object and Array types into your App Config schema. This means that you can empower Studio users to directly update key-value objects and custom arrays from the Configuration panel.

To learn how to generate a UI from your app.config.ts file and enable live editing of your website settings from your browser, please refer to this this section.

PDF & JSON media support

pdf file imported and display in the media gallery

You can now import PDF and JSON files into your media gallery and easily insert their corresponding URLs into your content files.

Automated pull-requests preferences

setting to trigger automated pull requests for studio dependencies

If you prefer to use custom tools like renovate to manage your dependencies, you have the option to disable the automatic upgrade dependency pull-requests triggered by Nuxt Studio. You can simply disable this functionality from your project's settings page.

Other bug fixes and improvements

This release includes several bug fixes and improvements, addressing the following issues:

  • Modified configs keys were missing in the command menu's current changes section.
  • Fixed the media input type in app config configuration.
  • Corrected highlight issues in YAML files.
  • Resolved issues with renamed repository hooks.
  • Fixed schema generation for app config.
  • Reordered preview blocks that were in the wrong order.
  • Fixed cases of empty previews.

October 17, 2023

To ensure a smooth experience with the latest version, please make sure the following dependencies are up to date:

Tree files context menu

Apply file actions from the tree files

We've enhanced your file management experience by making it quicker and more convenient. Now, when you right-click on a file in the tree files, you'll see a dropdown menu with dedicated actions tailored to the file's status, such as create, rename, revert, and delete. You can also easily open your file on GitHub. Additionally, we've added the option to rename your file directly in the file tree, eliminating the need to enter the file itself.

Live chat for team

You can chat and ask anything to the support

For teams with a Pro Plan, we're introducing a live chat feature. A dedicated support service is now available for all Pro Plan team members.

Minimalist starter

minimalist starter visual

We've added the minimalist Content starter to our list of themes. With this one, your creative possibilities are boundless. Starting from a clean slate, you can bring your dream application to life.

It comes fully equipped with Nuxt content. Unleash your imagination and build anything you desire—all of it editable with Studio. Your journey to creating something remarkable begins here!

Preview stuck in initializing state

We've addressed an issue where the preview was getting stuck in the loading state, which was related to incorrect parsing of certain file types. If you've encountered this problem, follow these steps to resolve it:

  1. Open the command menu with the CMD+K command
  2. Click on Sync files of current branch action
  3. Click on Clear preview cache action
  4. Finally, refresh the preview using the refresh button located on the left of the preview URL bar.

Other bug fixes and improvements

This release includes several bug fixes and improvements, addressing the following issues:

  • Added the ability to clear the preview cache from the command menu.
  • Improved preview reactivity in some cases.
  • Fixed parsing issues for json files.
  • Resolved highlighting issues in the preview.
  • Improved the GitHub job retry, ensuring that failing jobs are properly replayed, - preventing issues during import, commit, or merge.
  • Fixed pagination on the repository selection from the import/clone project page.
  • Addressed the loading state issue in the command menu.
  • Fixed file redirection when renaming a new file.
  • Resolved responsive design issues.

October 3, 2023

the git-based CMS powered by Nuxt Content

We are thrilled to announce that Studio is now out of beta and available to the public!

We want to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who participated in the beta phase and provided valuable feedback. Your support and feedback have been instrumental in shaping Studio into the powerful tool it is today. We have listened to your suggestions, made improvements, and added new features to make Studio an even more comprehensive and user-friendly content management system for Nuxt developers.

With Studio, you can edit and preview your content in real-time, collaborate with teammates, and deploy changes seamlessly. Whether you're managing documentation, blogs, or any other type of content, Studio provides a flexible and intuitive workspace that streamlines your workflow.

We invite you to explore the full potential of Studio and discover how it can enhance your Nuxt development experience. As we continue to build Studio, we value your ongoing feedback and ideas to help us make it even better. We'll keep making bi-monthly release with new features and bug fixes.

Two plans are proposed for Nuxt Studio. They offer distinct options tailored to the specific needs of users.

  • The Pro plan, designed with teams in mind, includes unlimited projects and features for live collaboration. This makes it the ideal choice for boosting productivity and fostering teamwork within enterprises, organizations, or for freelance developers working with clients who need to modify content on their end.
  • The Hobby plan is designed for individual developers and provides all the features of Nuxt Studio along with the flexibility of unlimited projects, all at no cost.

New features

To ensure a smooth experience with the latest version, please make sure the following dependencies are up to date:

Media upload modal

modal to set media metadata on upload

We have improved the media drag & drop experience. The new behavior will open a modal window in which you can update the name and alt text of your image but also choose or create the folder where you want to upload it.

CI update pull-request

alerting that you need to update your GitHub ci

We have updated the tools version within our GitHub Pages workflow file. If you've deployed your website using our plug-and-play system, you will notice an alert suggesting an update to your workflow file through the process of merging a pull request.

Bug fixes and improvements

This release includes several bug fixes and improvements, addressing the following issues:

  • Resolved an issue related to media imports.
  • Enhanced some component design using Nuxt UI.
  • Added tooltips to disabled buttons to provide explanations for why certain features are not enabled.
  • Corrected file highlighting when transitioning from an md to a yml file.
  • Improved the system for upgrading dependencies via pull requests.
  • Made team invite links more secure; they are now accessible only once and have a 5-minute expiration period.
  • Removed the current user from the co-authors dropdown menu.