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Introduction to Nuxt Studio

Get an overview of Nuxt Studio's features and how to use them.

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What is Nuxt Studio?

Nuxt Studio is a powerful web application specifically designed for creating, editing, and deploying Nuxt 3 applications. It is built on top of GitHub and provides seamless two-way synchronization between Studio and your repository, granting content teams complete autonomy within the developer-approved stack.

Currently, Studio is tailored for projects based on Content v2, a git-based CMS powered by Markdown. We have further enhanced the content creation experience by leveraging the MDC syntax with our Monaco editor.

Thanks to extensive research and development, Studio enables live previews of content file updates without requiring an additional Nuxt server. Instant preview URLs can be easily shared with teammates or clients worldwide.

Authors can enjoy a user-friendly GUI that allows them to edit website content, UI and configurations while maintaining close proximity to the developers' codebase.

How is Nuxt Studio different from other git-based CMS?

Unlike most git-based CMS platforms, which necessitate running a development server to provide live updates to end users, Nuxt Studio offers a preview URL capable of updating the entire content of a website in production, even for statically generated websites.

Checkout the preview url of our demo website as well as the opened pull request created by Studio.

Studio is aware of the Vue components that can be utilized in Markdown files and provides auto-completion features for content editors.

The Monaco editor is currently the only editor available, but we are currently working on a Notion-like editing experience for non-developers based on your Vue components.

Embracing Themes

Nuxt Studio encourages the community to create and share themes with everyone. Studio serves as a playground where developers' imagination knows no bounds. Every aspect can be customized to suit the preferences of themes creators.

While only basic themes are currently available, we will offer comprehensive documentation to assist developers in building their own themes. You can start by creating your own website, making it customizable through Studio, and then creating a theme from it to share with others.

Furthermore, we have plans to enable developers to sell their themes throught Studio, with the sole requirement being full customizability throught the Studio UI.