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Introduction to Nuxt Studio

What is Nuxt Studio?

Skeleton of the studio editor

Studio x Content

Nuxt Studio is the Pro version of Nuxt Content.

Nuxt Content

Nuxt content is a Git-based CMS powered by Markdown. This module allows developers to integrate Markdown content into their Nuxt applications.

Nuxt Studio

Nuxt Studio leverages Nuxt Content and the content edition with an intuitive interface including a Notion-like editor for non technical users.

As a developer, check this section to discover what the Content x Studio duo can offer.
As an editor, check this section to have a complete overview of what your developer can offer.

Our credo

Most CMS solutions have to choose between being very customizable for developers or highly user friendly for content editors, with Studio we want to do both.


Content editors can benefit from a user-friendly interface including, among other things, an editor similar to Notion to edit their website content.


Developers can customize the edition experience and provide tools to the editor who can focus on content without requiring any technical expertise.