Github Synchronization

Learn how Nuxt Studio synchronizes your repositories with GitHub.

studio and github icons syncronized


Nuxt Studio seamlessly integrates with the GitHub API, enabling smooth synchronization between Studio and your GitHub repositories. This first-class integration is made possible through the utilization of GitHub Apps.

It's important to note that ownership in Studio and ownership in GitHub are separated. In your Studio personal account, you can import repositories from other GitHub organizations as long as you have the corresponding GitHub rights. Similarly, in a Studio team several members could import different repositories from their personal GitHub account.


To begin, you need to install the Nuxt Studio GitHub App in your personal account or in the organizations you manage. Installing a GitHub App requires either organization ownership or admin permissions in a repository. If you lack the necessary permissions, the repository owner will need to approve the request.

You can access the installation page from anywhere on the app by clicking on Install with GitHub.


During the installation of our GitHub app, you will be prompted to grant certain permissions:

  • Read access to actions, metadata, members, and plan
  • Read and write access to secrets, administration, contents, pages, pull requests and workflows

These permissions are required to provide a seamless experience when working with your repositories.

We need read access to actions to send a notification when a workflow run fails on a pull request or on the repository default branch. metadata is mandatory to fetch repository data, members to import your organization members and repository collaborators and plan is used to propose features based on your GitHub account plan.

Nuxt Studio acts on your behalf to create repositories, branches, pull requests, and perform commits and merges. We also offer one-click deployment to GitHub Pages with instant preview of workflows and environment variables secrets management. To accomplish this, we need read and write access to administration, contents, pages, pull requests, workflows and secrets.

Repositories Installations

When installing our GitHub app, you will be prompted to select all repositories or a subset of them. This selection can be changed at any time by going to the GitHub app settings.

By clicking on Install, Nuxt Studio will install each repository you have selected, enabling you to perform all the actions listed above.


All the data imported from GitHub is directly associated with your GitHub app installation. If you uninstall the GitHub app, all the associated data will be deleted.