Check your changes before publishing

The Review button of the sidebar is disabled until a file is updated. Once a change is made, it becomes active, allowing you to go on the review page to publish your changes.

Draft system

When you're editing something in Studio, whether it is from the content section , the media gallery or the data section, those updates are saved in a draft. This draft is not related to GitHub, it only exists in Studio.

Studio is a proxy over GitHub, it can not be considered as a versioning tool. Drafts are deleted after one week without any updates. You have to publish your changes to save them on GitHub!

All CRUD actions are available on the draft:

  • Create a new file, folder or media
  • Update your content or your data
  • Revert your work on a file, folder or media
  • Rename your file, folder or media
  • Delete your file, folder or media

The draft is saved in Studio database, you can have access to your drafts anywhere and on any device.

Publish your changes

Once your are satisfied with your work and your draft, you can save it and publish it.

Every pages that you edit from Studio will be converted into MDC syntax. This generated code is the final version you can check from the review page. This is the code that will be saved on GitHub and deployed on your website.

The publish is corresponding to a commit on the default branch.