Get to know how the Studio Editor is composed.

Studio features menu

Nuxt Studio aims to be very customizable and intuitive. Content editors can benefit from a user-friendly interface while developers have the opportunity to customize the edition experience.

The developer gives tools to the editor who can focus on content without any technical expertise.

Customize your experience

You can edit everything with Studio, just ask your developer and it will be possible.

As a developer, check this section to learn how to customize the edition experience.

Edit your website

The Studio project dashboard is separated in two vertical section:

  1. The sidebar where you can navigate between features and settings
  2. The main panel representing the selected sidebar tab. This is where you can navigate through your content files, medias, settings...

Once your project is fully setup, you can toggle the preview and display a third vertical section:

  1. The live preview can be resized by moving the middle separation bar. It shows your website as it will be once published.

Editor features

Studio is composed of three main features to edit your website:

  • The content section: browse your website pages and edit their content.
  • The medias section: manage your existing medias and upload new ones.
  • The data section: customize your website.

Live Preview

If you can update it from Studio, you can preview it. The live preview section is showing your website as it will be once deployed. Learn more in the Live preview section.