Create a new project

Learn how to create a project on Nuxt Studio.

Import existing project block or use template block

Create a project

To create a project, you need to be logged in with GitHub, as all Nuxt Studio projects are linked to a GitHub repository.

You can create a project in your personal account or in a team if you want to collaborate and share your work.

If you are logged in with Google, you need to join an existing team to access and edit projects.

To create a new project you'll need to install the Nuxt Studio GitHub App in your GitHub personal account or in the GitHub organizations you manage. Just follow the create project process from the platform to do so.

Once this is done you can synchronize any repository between Studio and GitHub.

If you want to know more about GitHub synchronization, you can check this section.

Once your project has been synchronized with GitHub, you will have access to all your content files and medias in the project dashboard. From there, you can edit and publish your work on GitHub. However, if you want to to use the live preview feature while editing, you need to setup your deployment.

Project types

Start from an existing repository

If you have a Nuxt Content project on GitHub, it is compatible with Studio by default. You can directly import it once the GitHub app has been installed on the corresponding GitHub account/organization.

Start from a template

You can jump start any project with one of our existing templates. Once the GitHub app has been installed, you will be able to create any template in your GitHub personal account or in any GitHub organization linked to the GitHub app.