Manage your Projects

Learn how to manage your project in Nuxt Studio.

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Project Listing

All your projects are listed on your team home, you can sort by alphabetical order or by last update, as well as displaying them as cards or list.

You can switch between your teams and display their projects. Click on a project to enter into its details and settings.

Project View

Once you've selected a project, you are redirected to the project details and settings. You can enter the Studio editor from this page by clicking on the Edit on Studio button.

At the top, you can see all the active branches and pull-requests of your project. Active branches means they are already imported and ready for preview. You can hover any branch or pull request and open the corresponding preview link.

Branch management (create or delete) is handled inside the Studio editor.


Below the preview links section is the deployment section. This is where you must fill in your website url in order to enable the Studio editor.

You can also deploy your project on GitHub pages in one click. More informations in the deploy section.

Other Settings


At the bottom of the page you can find the settings section where you can:

  • Change the base directory of your app, this is where the source of your files and folder are located (content, public, etc.)
  • Transfer your project in another team or in your personal account
  • Delete your project