Manage your Projects

Learn how to manage your projects in Nuxt Studio.

Project listing

Project Listing

All your projects are listed under your team or personal account's projects section. You can switch between teams and view their respective projects. Click on a project to enter its project dashboard.

Project dashboard

The project dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your project. All assets and settings can be accessed from the sidebar.


You can preview your website at any time by clicking on the Preview toggle.

The Review button is disabled until a file has been updated. Once a change is made, it becomes active, allowing you to publish your changes on the review page.


The editor section provides access to all your assets, including content files, media, and configuration data.

As an editor, you can check this section for more info about the editor section. As a developer, check this one to understand how to customize the Studio editor interface.


All active members of the current team are displayed in this section. Click on a member to view and edit the same file they are working on.


This section gathers important information about your project:

  • The deploy section: Set up the preview or deploy the website.
  • The billing section: Check your payment information about this project.
  • The settings section: Rename, transfer, or delete your project.
  • The developers section: A tutorial to help developers build customizable websites.