Create a Team

Create a new team and collaborate in real-time in Nuxt Studio.

Teams creation dropdown

Create a new team

Creating a team is the recommended approach to collaborate with your teammates or clients. You can create a team either by clicking on Create a new team, from the team drop-down.

Once created, all your teams are available in the drop-down menu, allowing you to easily switch between them.

Ownership in Studio and ownership in GitHub are separated. A Studio team can import repositories from your personal GitHub account or from organizations you have access to.


There are only two different roles for team members. Owner and Member. All critical actions such as project creation, deletion or members management are restricted to owners.

Invite teammates

To invite someone to join your team, you can send them an invitation link. Once your team is selected from the drop-down, just go to the Members section and click on the Invite button.

Leave a team or remove a member

Once your team is selected from the drop-down, just go to the Members section to manage team members, you included. However, please note that if you are the only owner of the team, you cannot leave it. In such cases, you have two options: either delete the team or assign the owner role to another member.

Delete a Team

Only team owners can delete a team. If you are the owner of a team and wish to delete it, you can do so at any time from the Settings section of the dashboard once your team is selected.

It's important to understand that team deletion is an irreversible action. Deleting a team will permanently remove all the projects associated with it in Studio. However, please be aware that this action will not affect your repositories on GitHub.