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Nuxt Studio aims to be highly customizable and intuitive. As a developer, you have the opportunity to customize the edition experience. Let's see how.

Studio x Content

Nuxt Studio is the Pro version of Nuxt Content.

Nuxt Content

@nuxt/content is a Nuxt module that allows developers to integrate Markdown content into their Nuxt applications.

Your content folder acts like a database where you can store your files in Markdown (or other formats). A query builder is provided to fetch those files into your Nuxt application.

Nuxt content integrates the MDC syntax to supercharge Markdown. The module allows Vue components integration (slots and props included) in your Markdown files.

Nuxt Studio

Nuxt Studio offers an intuitive interface including a Notion-like editor to edit those Markdown files.

Developers focus on the website's structure and design. They create needed components without taking care of the content and editors can focus on content without any technical expertise.

Content editors can edit existing pages or create new ones. They can easily integrate complex components.

Customize the edition experience

Studio is composed of three main features to edit a website, each one of them is customizable:

  • The content section: browse the /content folder and edit markdown files with our editor.
  • The medias section: manage the /public folder of your app with a user friendly interface.
  • The data section: edit your app.config.ts file from an intuitive interface.