Media Gallery

The public directory as a media gallery.

Media gallery on Studio

Browse your medias

All medias located in the /public directory are available in the Media tab of the content editor.

While this section is not customizable by developers, it's an intuitive interface for non technical users to manage their /public directory.

Users can easily browse folders, upload new media at any level, and drag and drop media into other folders, making medias organization straightforward.

The interface is designed to be intuitive for non-technical users. It can be viewed as a user friendly IDE.

Use it in the Notion-like editor

Users can simply drag and drop images directly into the editor. An upload modal will open to let you choose the destination folder.

By typing / and searching for Image, they can quickly insert a media. A modal will open to let them choose the media they want to insert.

From the media modal, you can set the alt attribute for SEO and accessibility purpose.