Collaborate as a Team

Work efficiently and simultaneously with our live collaboration features.

Notion like editor with collaboration activated

Create a team to collaborate

Studio has been built around collaboration, thus all files can be edited in real time by all team members.

Check this section to create your team.

From content blocks to complex components and media folders, you can see and participate to any changes being done right in front of your eyes by any member of your team.

All modifications made by any team members are promptly reflected in the website preview, including file update, media upload, and data configuration.

From the sidebar, just click on your teammate avatar, to join him on the file he's currently editing.

Collaboration disabled on review

To avoid any conflict during changes review, once a member from your team is reviewing changes, all edition features are temporarily disabled to the other members of the team.

Share your collaboration insights on our Discord server to help us enhance features tailored to each team's unique needs.