Get Started

Command Menu

Learn how to access and use Studio features through the command menu.

Command menu example


All Studio features are available through the convenient command menu. It allows you to easily fuzzy-search files, medias, configuration and run project actions.

The command menu is accessible from anywhere in the editor and can be triggered from the search button or using the CMD+K shortcut.

Recently modified files

Navigate through your recently modified files with ease using the command menu. This feature allows you to quickly access and switch between the files you have recently edited, whether it is a media, a content files or a data configuration.

Content files

Find all your project's content files in the command menu under the Files section.

You can select or click on a file to be redirected to it.

Media files

Similar to content files, you can browse your media files under the Media section in the command menu.

The live-preview is capable of detecting if any of your files have been renamed or deleted.

Configuration section

All your data section can be found in the command menu. You can directly select one of them and jump to the appropriate section.


All the actions provided by Studio are available in the command menu.

The displayed actions are contextually based on your current view, for instance:

  • When editing a file, you can delete or rename it
  • When browsing a folder, you can create a new file

If any files are missing and not synced with GitHub, you can also synchronize them from the command menu. Learn more in the GitHub synchronization section.