Personal Account

Sync your projects with your personal GitHub account.

Google and Github authentication

There are 2 different authentication methods. You can either login with GitHub or with Google.

When you first log in to Studio, a personal account is automatically created using your GitHub or Google account. This account becomes your default for using Studio, this is considered as your personal account.


Here are features only available for GitHub users:

  • Create a team
  • Create a project
  • Delete a project
  • Transfer a project
  • Deploy a project
  • Rename a project

Inside your personal account, you can create projects that only you can access.

A GitHub user can use its personal account to manage projects.
Ownership in Studio and ownership in GitHub are separated. In your Studio personal account, you can import GitHub repositories from other organizations.


Since a Google user can not create a project, he has to join a team with existing projects to edit them.

A Google user can not use its personal account to manage projects.

Managing your account

Your Studio account is linked either to GitHub or Google. If you want to change your username, avatar, or email, you need to make those changes on GitHub or Google.

Collaborating with others

If multiple developers are working on a project or if you want your client to edit the project on Studio, you need to create a team. It is the only way to collaborate on Studio as we made project sharing and live-collaboration possible in teams.

Deleting your Account

You can delete your Studio account at any time. To do this, select your personal account in the tam drop-down and go to the Settings section of the dashboard.

Please note that you cannot delete your personal account if you are the owner of a team. you need to transfer ownership to another user, or delete the team before proceeding with the account deletion.

Account deletion is irreversible and will delete all your projects in Studio. However, it will not delete the linked repositories on GitHub.