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Notion-like Editor

Learn how to use the Notion-like editor and all its features

The Studio Notion-like editor


The Studio editor is heavily inspired by Notion, well known for its intuitive design and flexibility.

Much like a standard text editor, the Studio editor is designed to be familiar and easy to use.

However, it stands out with its additional features that improve the writing experience.


Highlight your text to reveal the toolbar, giving you access to all the standard text editing features:

  • Title formatting
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Strike-through
  • Code
  • Link
  • Class
  • Bullet list
  • Numerated list

The / shortcut

Simply type / anywhere in the editor to access all Studio features.

Formatting features

  • Title formatting
  • Line break
  • Horizontal rule
  • Code-block
  • Paragraph
  • Bold & italic


One of Studio's standout features is its ability to integrate and customize any complex component directly within the editor.

In other terms, a developer can create any kind of visually complex components and editors will be able to use them and focus on the content. An editor can also tweak the component properties, styles, and behavior to fit its specific requirements as long as the developer made it customizable.

Just type / to access the list of all the components available.

Our templates are packaged with a set of built-in components.


Using the /shortcut, you can quickly insert an image by selecting the Image option. A modal will open to let you choose the media you want to insert.

From the media modal, you can set the alt attribute for SEO and accessibility purpose.


Using the / shortcut, you can quickly insert a video by selecting the Video choice and filling up the Video URL.

As soon as a video is added, a tab will automatically open with all the props field available by default, for you to fill out the URL and customize your media.