Media Gallery

Learn how to manage your medias on Studio.

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Browse Medias

Once imported, all your existing medias from the public/ directory are available.

You can browse through folders and upload new media at any level.

Media Details

Once selected, you can see your media metadata.

media page with metadata

Use it in Markdown

You can copy the corresponding markdown syntax by clicking on the Copy markdown button. Go to your content file and paste it.

Also you can simply drag and drop images directly into theMarkdown editor. The media will be uploaded to the root of your public folder, and the corresponding Markdown syntax will be inserted at your cursor position.

By typing / and searching for the desired media file by name, you can quickly insert the corresponding Markdown syntax with a press of the enter key.

Deleted or renamed medias in the preview

Detect missing images in preview

We are able to detect if your image has been renamed or deleted in any md files. You can update your medias from the library and easily spot missing or renamed images from the preview.


All available actions are listed in the header of this section. According to your selected file state, you will be able to:

  • Create a folder
  • Upload a new media
  • Delete a media/folder
  • Rename a media/folder
  • Revert a media/folder to its original value

Coming soon

Currently, only images are handled but you should be able to integrate other kind of medias such as music or video.